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Magpul Industries RVG- Rail Vertical Grip Vertical Foregrip Review

Price $24.95 with 4089 in stock at the time of this post.

It is a simple enough idea, side this grip onto your forward rail and tighten it down when positioned properly. The idea is simple and so is the use. What having a forward grip does for your AR-15 is amazing enough as it is. If you are like me and go to the range and shoot a lot of ammo having a forward grip is amazing. Like virtually all AR-15’s my barrel gets hot by the end of the day. Instead of holding onto the front end of the riffle, you are holding onto a grip. It keeps the heat away, and helps with accuracy, not to mention helps with fatigue. By pulling the ar-15 tight into your shoulder you help with stabilizing the “shakes” at the end of your barrel. Also having your forehand equal to your shoulder helps keep you from getting tired. If you own an AR-15 and do not have a vertical grip you need one, and why not get it at this price (or by using coupon code gunsammo and save 11%) at tactical swag.

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