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Gun guard promax single riffle gun case 100 in stock at the time of this post, cost $31.99 (You can save 11% on this and all items by using coupon code GunsAmmo). Pros of this case are as follows;

Light weight

Very easy to use

Will protect your long gun from dings and scraps

Great for going to the range and maybe even hunting

I live in the rain forest that is called Washington state, I have had the foam get socked, however it dray’s out fast.


While the foam lining will protect your riffle during transport, and the hard plastic case helps with that as well, if shaken around the chances are you will lose your zero on your scope. While it is a hard plastic case I would never take this on a plain for travelling, it is just not that hard of a case.

For the money $31.99 – 11% using coupon code gunsammo it is a good carrying case. This case can be bought with said coupon code at Tactical Swag

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