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308 – .30 Caliber Rifle, Clam and bore snake

Hoppe’s 308 30 caliber bore snake

Hoppe’s 308 – .30 Caliber Rifle, bore snake

7 in stock at the time of this post, Cost is $19.99 per. However you can save 11% using coupon code gunsammo

I have one of these for my 308 hunting rifle. It makes cleaning the barrel of my riffle a whole lot easier. All you need to do is drop the metal head down your barrel, and then pull the whole thing trough your barrel. I do this dry a few times, them put some clp break free on the fabric and the attach scrub brush on the end. Pull that trough a few times and your barrel is clean. Less than 5 minutes you can have your 30 caliber rifle barrel cleaned after a day at the range, out hunting, or any other time you may need to utilize your 30 caliber rifle.

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